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Recurring billing subscription management

Published 10/24/2014 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Zuora is a recurring billing and subscription management software that offers businesses of all sizes and industries a range of tools to manage all areas of running a subscription business. Zuora refer to their app as “relationship business management”, with features that cover three key business areas: Commerce, Billing & Finance. Moving beyond the restricted capabilities of more basic subscription management apps, Zuora offers the ability to manage complex pricing models and billing structures. The app provides a flexible product catalog design that includes a range of variables, including multi-currency, upgrades, cancellations, add-ons and taxation.

Zuora enables subscription companies to implement any pricing and packaging model they desire, no matter how complex. You can mix and match plans to create personalized offers, and set rules for scaling pricing models. The app facilitates subscribers from any channel or device with secure embedded checkout pages, and both REST and SOAP APIs. The Zuora and Salesforce integration mean you can take advantage of guided selling, create quotes for new subscriptions, and customize your product catalog in Salesforce. Zuora can also be used to manage billing with automated payments, branded invoices and can accept cash, credit and ACH collections.

The billing tools in Zuora allow you to manage different customer segments and geographies, with 14 pre-integrated payment gateways and processors, 7+ different payment options and 200+ currencies. Along with subscription planning and billing management, Zuora also supports financial management with accounting integrations and financial reporting tools. The app provides a chart of accounts, accounting-close summaries, and data extraction to your general ledger. You can also generate pre-built reports and create your own custom reports. The app shows a range of KPIs across a number of dashboards and allows you to extract data for external reporting.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Zuora was built in 2007 and designed from the ground up as cloud-based subscription management app for commerce, billing and finance. Zuora is integrated with Salesforce and is often implemented by Salesforce users as their main subscription billing tool. The app has some 800 plus clients in all sectors and industries, spanning enterprise organizations such as HBO Nordics and Dell, to fast-growing start-ups such as Zendesk and Jimdo.

What are the differences to other apps?

Zuora stands out from the crowd as a subscription management solution to meet the needs of all kind of pricing models and structures. The app allows you to create pricing models with unlimited combinations of pricing factors, you can mix and match plans, build custom packages, create advanced models with price uplifts for scaling pricing models, and more. Aside from allowing you to design a creative subscription pricing model, Zuora offers a range of additional tools to help all areas of billing and financial management, catering to multiple currencies and payment methods.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

Zuora offers an intuitive UI that reflects a modern green and white color-scheme with self-explanatory tabs and buttons for easy navigation. The app allows you to create both simple and complex pricing structures with your own pricing tables. There are boxes to fill out, complete with clickable question mark icons for explanations. Configuration of pricing models, as well as other elements like check-out pages and invoices, can be as complex and customized, or as simple and standard as you wish. The app offers a number of options, filters, rules, and check boxes to further customize your experience of the app. Zuora has an extensive online knowledgebase to get to grips with all of the app's features.

How does the registration process work?

Zuora offers a free trial that can be accessed by clicking on the “Request a trial” button on the top right-hand side of any page on the website. You need to fill out a form with a number of fields, including name, email, job title, number of employees, industry etc. Once this is completed and sent a subscription experience expert will contact you to get you set up. You can then use the free trial to customize price plans, create customers and subscriptions, automate payments and more.

What does it cost to use the application?

Zuora comes in three different editions that each meet the needs of various business sizes. The Growth edition is designed for growing small business and start-ups. The Enterprise edition is designed for teams of up to 250 people and comes with a range of additional features. Zuora Nine is geared towards multi-divisional enterprises. For pricing quotes on any of the plans you need to call the Zuora sales team or fill out their online form.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Zuora is suitable for any business that works with a subscription-based pricing model, whether they are struggling to acquire and retain customers, or are rapidly growing. The app is used by companies of all sizes from small startups to global enterprises. Some of their more well-known clients include Dell, Box, DocuSign and SendGrid. The industries Zuora serves include healthcare, media, education, communications, cloud apps and the internet of things. Due to its native integration, the app is ideal for Salesforce users.

  • Create and implement any kind of pricing model, regardless of the complexity and variables
  • Embeddable checkout pages for secure payment on any channel or device
  • 100% native Salesforce integration for assisted selling and greater account management
  • Hierarchical billing for parent-child accounts and multiple company divisions
  • Send branded, rules-based invoices and customize them based on location, language, segment and subscription type
  • Accounting-close summaries and “Chart of Accounts”. Extract financial data to general ledger and accounting apps
  • Generate pre-built or customized reports to understand KPIs. Export reports and specific data

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